Software Outsourcing

Qsoft is a software outsourcing company offers wide range of advanced solutions in offshore software development and testing services. Our software outsourcing effort is led from the US and taps into true global technology expertise via our software development team which is based in India.


Technology Benefits

Our technology expertise allows us to work on all sizes and levels of software outsourcing projects and to deliver successful results. Our team in India is composed of highly qualified and experienced software development professionals with years of experience in their field. And, as many of our team members have spent most of their careers working on an international basis, they are more than used to delivering software outsourcing projects to English-speaking businesses. Typical software outsourcing projects here include:

  • Software Development and Maintenance.
  • Custom Application/Software Development.
  • Offshore Website Development/Web Application Development.


Cost Benefits

You will see no loss of quality via this route at all as all of our software outsourcing projects are managed and quality controlled by our US Headquarters staff who work to avoid any language/culture/business differences. And, as technology development is now a global skill, there is no difference in the quality of the finished product - in fact many of our clients find our IT offshore solutions more robust and innovative than those offered by many domestic suppliers.

Delivery Benefits

Our dual office capabilities allow us to work on your software outsourcing projects to a virtual 24 hour clock. Time differences between India and the US mean that Qsoft has staff working on your software outsourcing projects on a 24 hour basis which simply means that we can deliver more quickly and effectively.

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