Additional Services

Qsoft offers a full range of technology services to clients in all sectors. Drawing on the skills and abilities of our teams we are able to successfully deliver projects for both large and small businesses and can work on both long-term ongoing projects and on small one-off assignments. All of our staff have the ability to deliver leading-edge solutions which are targeted to meet your business needs as well as your technology drivers. Our primary expertise lies in the following areas:

Ecommerce Solutions

Today’s online business stands and falls on the ecommerce services that it offers to its customers. Qsoft’s ecommerce expertise ensures that any web site allows its customers secure and stable ecommerce services. So, your customers will feel comfortable buying online with you and you will be able to maximize related ecommerce benefits such as order and inventory management, for example.

Web Hosting Services

No Internet site delivers truly effective results unless it is online whenever a customer or prospect wants to visit it. Our web hosting services will keep your web site up, running and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Turnkey Software Products

Turnkey software product is essentially a software package that brings together all the elements necessary to run a particular task. This kind of solution is often known as an ‘Out of the Box’ solution as all the elements needed to run the task are bundled up together – kind of like the way you buy a software package in a regular store.

Small Business Solutions

Qsoft have developed a range of solutions specifically targeted at helping small businesses harness all the advantages that technology can give them – with none of the traditional costs. These solutions include specialized bespoke and off the shelf solutions.

To find out more about Qsoft and how we can help your business then please contact us today for a free quotation.